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Chapter Three

I groan when I get the normal scratch from Fluffy when my alarm goes off. I rolled over and glanced at my watch. Wednesday. Wonderful. Three more work days. Come on…pull yourself out of bed and just get today over with. I use all the willpower I have left in my body and get out of bed, get dressed and drag myself to the train station. It was a quite morning which is always a nice pace for the week. Wednesdays is never my favorite day…meetings can do that to a person. I take the window seat in the corner as always. I open my laptop and glance around the train. A tired blonde woman in scrubs catches my attention. Inspiration sparks and the ideas just race through my mind. My fingers can barely keep up.


Finding your soul mate can happen out of the blue. You’re not prepared for it and the timing isn’t always the best. I never expected to fall in love but yet after spending every day with this man, it was enough. I fell deeply and it truly can’t be explained. For the last year I’ve cared for him. I sat at his bedside table every break I had and read to him. His parents said he loves cowboy novels and we’ve finished quite a bit of them. Today was no different. My morning started in a rush of just pure chaos, there was a massive car accident and with five injured people every nurse had to be step in to help. The driver who over packed his car and drove carelessly came out of the accident mostly unscratched. The oldest nurse in our station, Mary, launched into a full on lecture. The poor young man didn’t know what hit him but after Mary finished with him the twenty something year old took what she said to heart. He learned his lesson that and the fact that the police came in to have a chat surely help. I doubt you will ever find him in the same situation again. Mary can do that to person. She is a force to be reckoned with. Not all of the students in the car was as lucky. The one completely shattered his right leg. The road to recovery will be long and difficult and he will be lucky if he walks away with a limp. The doctors did everything they could to save the leg from an amputation. One student broke their jaw as seat belts is apparently no longer cool. By some miracle they didn’t fly through the window. The two other students had some broken bones and a lot of bruises but most of them will make a smooth recovery. After patching the poor bloke with four broken ribs and one broken arm it was time for my favorite patient.

Jack came in 16 months ago after a massive motorcycle accident. There was only a few bones the young man didn’t break. Not only did he have internal bleeding, the head injury only added to the long list of damage. After a long surgery, the only thing his family could do is wait. He woke up once, in pure agony. It happened to be on my round. After cleaning his wounds I moved on to sticking the new and clean pillow under his head. I quickly changed his bedding with quite a bit of effort but everyone likes a clean bed. It just makes everything better. I gave his hair a quick wash with shampoo and conditioner before giving it a blow dry and a proper comb. I made a mental note to cut his hair soon as it was getting a bit long. From the pictures I’ve seen of him on his Instagram (I stalked because that’s who am I as a person okay.) he prefer his hair short. It something small but I’m sure he will appreciate it when he wakes up. I shaved his beard and brushed his teeth before washing his face and finishing off with a moisturizer. Once I was happy with his face I moved on to his finger nails which was getting a bit long. After giving it a quick cut and clean I finished off with his toenails. I paused…now I just need to wash his body. It always felt so awkward and even though I have experience under my belt and I proud myself on professionalism…but this dude is hot okay. He was a fitness model on Instagram for goodness sake. I bit my lip. My nervousness was throwing everything out of whack and everything is out of order. I gave myself a pep talk and just quickly rubbed his body with a wet cloth trying my utmost best to call for all of my professionalism not to sneak a peek. I took a deep breath when I finally finished. After checking his drip I ended my run with tucking him in…that’s when he woke up. He scared the living life out of me when he suddenly jerked up straight, ripping out his IV in the process, screaming in agony. I quickly called for the doctor and rushed to his side to check his vitals and try my best to calm him down. Considering he has never seen me before, he didn’t exactly calm down at my soothing words. The doctor rushed in and had to sedate him. He woke up a few hours later a little calmer but in a lot of pain. He was confused and clearly he hit his head hard as he didn’t recognize his parents nor did he know his own name. He wasn’t healing at all and the stress and panic his mind was going through with who the hell am I and where am I, his parents made the decision to put him in a medical induced coma to rest his mind a little more so his body can heal and recover. 16 months later things were looking up for Jack. The doctors has been talking about waking him up as his body has recovered and now it’s just a matter of seeing how his memory is and then we can go from there. After all he can’t be in the hospital forever. He has to restart his life…


And. And. And. Where am I even going with this little short story? I bit my lip wracking my brain for ideas. Does he wake up and they build a life together while he is recovering? Is there some happy ending? Do I break her heart and have him move on without her? After all sad endings are fun sometimes. I glanced at my watched. Oh there is fifteen minutes left of my travel time. It’s not really enough to make a new story and as my inspiration suddenly vanished. I closed my laptop and got my phone out instead. I opened Whatsapp and saw my mother send me a message. I sighed and took a breath to mentally prepare myself for whatever her message might be.

“It’s your father’s birthday on Saturday. I hope you didn’t forget this year around. Please feel free to get him a present if you can afford it. We’re having a small get together at our house this Saturday. Please be here at 3pm and don’t be late. We’re having some of our friends over and it will be rude if our daughter arrives after the guests. My one friend Susan is bringing her lovely son over. He is a doctor. Please put some effort in your appearance. Do your hair and makeup and wear a dress. Don’t embarrass us this time please.” Oh you just got to love those long messages from your mother where it seems nice at first glance but there is quite a bit of insults hidden inside the message. If I can afford it? I have a full time job and a permanent contract. I damn good at my job but not as if my mother understood that. She just thinks I tap a bunch of words into the computer and press enter and call people and etc. What does she even think I do? Small get together my sweet fluffy ass. As if. That women doesn’t know what a small get together is even it bit her ass. Don’t be late? Really? I was late ONCE and only because there was a train delay and I physically couldn’t get there on time. It’s not my fault the only way to reach her is by the bus that only drives every hour. So missing your train can really screw everything up for you. And who can forget about Susan’s lovely son. I’m so happy my mother ignored my wishes to stay single or heck find my own boyfriend but no. I’m not capable of that. Who knows what boy I will bring home. Do my hair and wear makeup? Wear a dress? Rage. Pure rage. And then she ends it with don’t embarrass us? I was still huffing and puffing in pure anger when I got to work. How dare she? This morning is off to a brilliant start. Because someone is out there to make me completely miserable it was no surprise to see we ran out of coffee and being reminded about the long and brutal meeting discussing something I’m not even apart of but my presence is required.  By lunch time I was crying in the bathroom stall. Surprisingly but very much so painfully my day just got worse as a program crashed and it had to be fixed like two days ago. It obviously fell onto my shoulders to solve the problem which was easier said than done. After two hours after fighting with my computer I got the program up and running again. Losing two hours out of your work day doesn’t exactly do wonders for your workload. As I have a ton of other deadlines looming over my head like a crushing weight I had no choice but buckle down and work overtime. The really depressing thing is I wasn’t the only one in the office. Luckily there was an angel among us that thought about dinner and ordered sushi. Hey the office is paying. We have to misuse this opportunity whenever we can.

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